La Motte
September 2015 La Motte – Pierneef à La Motte restaurant Franschhoek, photographed by Charles Russell (commercial photographer, Stellenbosch). Capturing freshly built architectural spaces presents a challenging reality, as commercial spaces often require immediate access to marketing material in order to get the wheel rolling and generate public intrest. A newly developed location takes time to settle into its surroundings; developing a seamless integration of architecture and landscape. The interior design elements are finely tuned and finally adopt a mature identity. Once maturity is achieved, the space needs to be captured from afresh. Pierneef à La Motte has settled and developed a mature identity.  
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Michelle Theron
May 2014 With Autumn well on its way the new Pierneef a La Motte Autumn menu was to be captured along with its creator. The newly appointed chef de cuisine Michelle Theron. We needed to capture her personality but still reflect the understated elegance of La Motte as a brand. Congratulations to Michelle.   More info and links: Press release: Michelle Theron La Motte Facebook Pierneef a La Motte Facebook  
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