November 2014 Wineland Cover capture OCT issue 2014. (Photographed by Charles Russell – Commercial advertising photographer – Stellenbosch) Nederburg required an hero shot to run along the lines of their new advertising campaign. It was important to capture a serious wine moment between the Razvan Macici (Nederburg cellar master) and co wine makers. Something that could resemble the current television advertisements in terms of concept and mood.    
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Delaire Graff estate – Interiors
October 2014 Delaire Graff estate – Interiors (Photographed by Charles Russell – Commercial advertising photographer – Stellenbosch) A range of Interior captures for the Delaire Graff estate Stellenbosch.   More info and links:
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David Walters
October 2014 (Photographed by Charles Russell – Commercial advertising photographer – Stellenbosch) I recently photographed master potter David Walters in his Franschhoek studio. Mesmerisingly beautiful craft and extremely skilled potter. A great honour!   More info below: La Motte is joining the galleries and studios in the Franschhoek Valley for the fourth annual Art in Clay Festival, taking place from 25 October to 30 November this year. La Motte will present an exhibition of contemporary ceramic tableware, aptly titled The Setting, celebrating its dedicated focus on wine and food as well as its passion for the conservation of heritage. The exhibition on La Motte found its inspiration in the Iziko Museum’s exhibition of ceramic place settings in the famous Banqueting Hall of the Castle of Good Hope. The Setting – contemporary ceramic tableware is a display of 30 settings of functional tableware created by 30 acknowledged ceramic artists and studios. Installed in the atmospheric barrel maturation cellar on the estate, the exhibition with its creative variety will give visitors an insightful view into the various clay styles, methods, techniques, preferences and evolving design currently happening within contemporary ceramics in South Africa. Well-known ceramicists such as David and Sarah Walters, Anthony Shapiro and Ella-Lou O’Meara whose bespoke creations are […]
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Savanna Angry Lemon
October 2014 (Photographed by Charles Russell – Commercial advertising photographer – Stellenbosch) New and limited from the premium cider brand Savanna. Angry Lemon, released for summer 2014-2015. Clean and crisp white background studio pack shots where required for across the board marketing use.   More info and links: Savanna
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September 2014 The newly launched JC Le ROUX website required a few lead visuals for banners and certain facets of their site. Some of the highlights include long thin banners for different aspects of the brand such as functions, tasting, restaurant, etc. Shooting in the elongated format helps implementation and integration of design work for long thin web banner formats. Along with this a range of imagery showcasing the correct ettiquete when opening and serving MCC. More info and links: JC Le ROUX – Stellenbosch
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August 2014 PONGRÁCZ South Africa, Cape Town, August 2014; The Pongrácz range is inspired by Desiderius Pongrácz, a nobleman and refugee from the Hungarian uprising who revolutionised winemaking in the Cape. Pongrácz Méthode Cap Classique has become the country’s most adored bottle of fermented sparkling wine. Simplistic design orientated styled captures were required for the 2014 digital library. (Pongracz website – 2014) Links: Pongracz Facebook page  
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Rupert & Rothschild
July 2014 RUPERT & ROTHSCHILD South Africa, Franschhoek, July 2014; The newly built Rupert & Rothschild tasting facility was completed in July 2014. “Visit the Rupert & Rothschild Tasting Centre and enjoy the unique experience of tasting Rupert & Rothschild wine together a selection of imported wine and champagne from France, Argentina and New Zealand from the exclusive Rothschild portfolio. Wine Tasting and Sales: Monday to Friday : 10h00 to 16h30 Saturday : 10h00 to 16h00 Closed Religious Public Holidays” (R&R website 2014) Please visit: R&R Facebook page  
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Haute Cabriere
June 2014 HAUTE CABRIÈRE’S ICONIC BLEND CELEBRATES 20YEARS South Africa, Franschhoek, June 2014; THE year 1994 saw South Africans emerge into freedom; a year for celebrating pioneers who had defied convention. It was then, 20 years ago, that Haute Cabrière’s cellar master Achim von Arnim became an accidental pioneer. Here in the vineyards of Franschhoek, he became the first to discover the blend of Chardonnay Pinot Noir, giving rise to the authentic South African icon wine. At its genesis, the Haute Cabrière Chardonnay Pinot Noir – a scintillating marriage of white and red varietals – represented true pioneering work by Von Arnim. The Burgundian varietals were barely on the fringes of South African wine. Now, two decades later, the esteemed white blend remains on top wine lists and continues to win hearts, thanks to a sustained and lifelong commitment by the Von Arnim family. As in the past, the wine today bears on its label the name of its creator. This mantle now assumed by Achim von Arnim’s eldest son, Takuan, sees the wine’s singular heritage and philosophies borne into the future. The wine’s success came about mostly by surprise and co-incidence, says Achim von Arnim. “We approached the bank […]
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Score – Energy drink
June 2014 Rapidly growing, Score explosive energy drink from Chill Beverages, needed new lead imagery for general advertising and public relations. From energetic hero splash photography to plain premium pack captures for a wide range of applications were dealt with. More info and links: Chill Beverages
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Aiden Bennettes – Zonnebloem
May 2014   ZONNEBLOEM WINES CELEBRATE LOCAL CRAFT AND DESIGN   Well-known local designer Aidan Bennetts, who has put together the Cape Craft & Design Institute’s exhibition The Story of Food – from Then to Now, has created an installation using Zonnebloem wine bottles in an innovative focus on glass as a key storage and packaging material.   The exhibition, at the Castle of Good Hope, runs from May 12 to October 12. It traces the storage of food and drink from ancient times to the present and explores the impact of design, technology and materials on how we consume what we eat and drink, our relationship to these consumables, as well as their impact on the environment and our future.   Zonnebloem Wines is one of the sponsors of the initiative that forms part of the celebration of Cape Town as this year’s World Design Capital.   Bennetts’ piece, resembling a swathe of African grass reeds, uses 100 bottles. Lighting has been designed to make the grasses appear as if the light filters through them. The lighting also refracts through the glass, creating a layered and shimmering effect.   Bennetts chose the reeds to express a silhouette that is […]
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